1. Chuck Meyer Fish Pond

2. The FSFAG Cabin & Wildlife Interpretation Center

3. Goose nesting (85+ nests set up)

4. Duck nesting cones (200+ made and set up)

5. Duck nesting boxes

6. Bluebird boxes (1,100+ made and set up)

7. Deer feeding stations

8. Tree planting (15,000+ planted)

9. Pheasant rearing and release (1,000+ released)

10. Sponsor minor hockey team

11. Built range in Mundare

12. Sponsor Youth for summer camp

13. Support and assist in Disabled Fish Derby

14. Donate to Wildlife Habitat Fund

15. Donate to AFGA

16. Donate to Camp HeHoHa and Zone 5 Fish Derby

17. Donate to the AFAG Annual Conference

18. Club Membership in the National Firearms Association

19. Donate to the Telerama to assist Camp He Ho Ha for the Handicapped

20. Donate to the Annual Terry Fox Run

21. Teach Hunter Education Course

22. Teach Fishing Course

23. Horn and antler scoring

24. Teach Fly Tying

25. Teach Taxidermy

26. Teach Firearm Safety Courses

27. Hold Annual Andrew Young Memorial Junior Trap Shoot

28. Donate to Lamoureux House Children's' Home

29. Financial assistance to disaster victims

30. Assist in Tree Wrapping Program (100,000+ trees wrapped)

31. Hay Flushing Bar Project

32. Catch and Release Fishing Derby

33. Assist in Hunter Surveys

34. Hide and Antler Collection Program

35. Donate to the Hunting for Tomorrow Foundation

36. Sponsor Attendance to Outdoor Women's Seminar


Additional Projects and Achievements

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