Trophy Competition Regulations:

1. All members are eligible to enter any or all categories as long as they are a member prior to shooting or catching the fish or game. A Junior is a member if under the age of 16 years at the time of the kill or catch.

2. All big game, fish and birds must be taken legally in that calendar year, in Alberta (except out-of-province fish) and taken by sporting methods(netting is not classified as sporting).

3. For the catch and release category, the applicant must measure the length and girth as per Point #5. If possible, a picture should be taken of the fish lying next to a tape measure and then the fish should be released. (Not eligible for a provincial award without a picture). The fish must survive to be eligible. The signature of a witness is required.

4. Weights must be on a scale which has been government tested and certified within the past 12 months. Weights must be made when the fish or game is thawed and can be in both metric and imperial measures. A signed and dated weight slip must be included.

5. Measurements will be made from the tip of the mouth to the end of the pinched tail for fish, and the tip of the beak to the end of the longest tail feather on a bird. The girth of a fish shall be measured around the largest portion of the fish, excluding fins. Measurements must be made with a metal tape.

6. Big game entries must be measured a minimum of 60 days after being harvested and the antlers kept at ambient temperatures until scored (not in the freezer).

7. All big game antlers, horns and skulls must be scored by the Boone & Crocket method using proper forms (available from FSFAG or AFGA Website: Scoring must be done by an official Alberta Measurer or by a Boone & Crocket scorer. The FSFAG will score antlers, horns and skulls.

8. Skulls, antlers and horns must be available for 3 months after the announcement of a winner in case remeasurement is required.

9. Photography entries must be of outdoor Alberta or Alberta wildlife, and must be photographed by a FSFAG member.

10. All current Alberta Provincial Trophy Competition rules apply, with the exception of heaviest moose and deer. These are dressed weights (an eviscerated carcass EXCLUDING head, hide, legs, heart and liver).

11. Fish or big game entries that we do not have a category for are eligible for master fisherman or master hunter awards.Entries will only be accepted until the end of the first FSFAG meeting in January. Winning entries will be forwarded to the Provincial Trophy Competition.

Fort Saskatchewan Fish and Game Club Records



Club Record

Junior Perch
Crystal Glass, Fort Saskatchewan
1 lb, 13.25 oz
Junior Walleye
Tyne Welding, Fort Saskatchewan
7 lb, 11 oz
Junior Northern Pike
Drayden Insurance, Fort Saskatchewan
20 lb
Junior Trout
Boston Pizza, Fort Saskatchewan
3 lb rainbow
Junior Master Fisherman
D&S Concrete, Ardrossen

Junior Deer
Gibbons Motor Toy 

Junior Master Big Game Hunter
City of Fort Saskatchewan

Curtis Landry Junior Participation Award
Curtis Landry

Andrew Young Memorial Trap Shoot
Fort Saskatchewan Fish and Game Association
Rocky Mountain Whitefish
Farnese Insurance Broker Inc.
3 lb, 3 oz
Lake Whitefish
Fort Saskatchewan Autobody
5 lb, 11.75 oz
Servus Credit Union, Fort Saskatchewan
16 lb, 5.5 oz
Chipman Market
2 lb, 8 oz
TireCraft Fort Sask 
10 lb
BurbotFort Saskatchewan Fish and Game Association
Northern Pike
Tri-Alta Oilfield Industries, Redwater
26 lb, 12 oz
Master Fisherman
Roland and Son Jewellery, Fort Saskatchewan
46 lb Northern Pike
Catch and Release
Ellen Bablitz & Len Gransch

Best Out of Province
Mel Martin's Transfer, Fort Saskatchewan
60 lb, 1 oz Chinook
Largest Mallard Duck
Pat Alderson
4 lb, 11.5 oz
Largest Spruce Grouse
Sharon and Graham Morin
1 lb, 14 oz
Largest Ruffed Grouse
Straightline Chrysler, Fort Saskatchewan
2 lb, 4.5 oz
Largest Ring Necked Pheasant
Nordegg Sports, Fort Saskatchewan

Largest Goose
RWM Industrial Maintenance, Fort Saskatchewan
15 lb, 11 oz
Largest Whitetail Antlers
Armour Self Storage, Fort Saskatchewan
168 7/8" NT
Largest Mule Deer Antlers
Boston Pizza, Fort Saskatchewan
168 1/4"
Gerry Berlinguette Memorial Award for Largest Elk Antlers
Keith Thorne
343 1/2"
Ernie Thorne Memorial Award for Largest Moose Antlers
Richard Thorne
206 7/8"
Female Sports Person
Crystal Morin

Largest Black Bear
The Hanes Family
21 3/16"
Largest Big Game with Black Powder
Darwin and Dawn Hunter

Master Archer
Jacquie Fenske

Master Big Game Hunter
Gallason Industrial Cleaning, Fort Saskatchewan

Largest Non-Current Big Game
Paul Smith- Sturgeon County

Scenery PhotographyJiffy Lube, Fort Saskatchewan

Wildlife Photography

Trophy Photography
Stewart Kuzyk, Re/Max Real Estate

Trail Camera Photography
Canuck Plumbing Fort Sask

Junior Photography 

Tom Orom

Walter Bablitz Award for Annual Achievement
Fort Saskatchewan Fish and Game Club

Trophies are presented annually at the Wild Game Dinner and Trophy Banquet. Entries must be legally taken in the jurisdiction the sportsperson was hunting or fishing.  Entries must be received by the January General Club Meeting each winter in order to be entered.

The Annual Horn Scoring Night in early February brings sportspeople together to talk strategy and brag about their fall adventures.  See the News and Events page for details on upcoming scoring nights.

Club members get together regularly for meetings, but also often go on significant trips with one another.  An example of a member with some trophy salmon on the West Coast is found at the bottom of the page.

Trophies and Awards

​The winners of our ​2015 Lifetime Membership Award ​were Graham and Sharon Morin 

Fort Saskatchewan

Fish and Game Association